let me kiss you





Who let they uncle out the house???

He jiggin’ though!

"When you white but the hood fuck with you heavy"


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next up on college struggles: is she gay or is she an athlete? or both?

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"I really don’t want to shower but I want to be clean" an autobiography

"Now that I’m in the shower I really dont wanna get out" a sequel

"Now that I’m out, I don’t want to put on clothes" the spin-off

"I’m sitting here in my towel and I must have showered 2 hours ago" the self help booklet

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idk why ppl act like funny women are a rare precious commodity when every woman i know is a got damn comedian and i’ve met maybe two intentionally funny men in my lifetime 

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vaginas .
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I hope u get eaten out while your fav song plays u all deserve that

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same .
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actual puppy carmilla appreciation post  (◡‿◡✿)
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me about laura and danny: hell yES
me about laura and carmilla: hell yES
me about literally every ship on the show: HELL YES
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"Danny took one look and said, ‘You look like you’re about to flee your brooding lover across the moors.’ Which is accurate. The fluffy sleeves thing, not the brooding lover thing, that’s not a thing." Carmilla - Ep. 17

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